We don’t do design.

We don’t do wireframes.

We take your ideas

& bring them to life.


We write code

& we do it well.


Specializing in client-side development

we've worked on the Flash platform for years. Now that the web has evolved we're pushing the limits with HTML5 and JavaScript to continue to create cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

The future of the web is clearly with HTML5. But its not magic. It takes skill and hard work to make sure your web site or web application is setup to take advantage of these new technologies while remaining backwards compatible.
As the leading JavaScript library, jQuery has become a de-factor standard on nearly all modern web sites. We use jQuery along with a number of other JavaScript libraries and frameworks to build you a cutting edge application that has a scalable and maintainable code base.
Some of the most exciting advancements on the web over the past couple years have been with CSS3. We see CSS as an integral part of the puzzle and use it effectively with JavaScript and HTML to achieve stunning results.
Flash is still the most advanced platform on the web. While HTML5 is catching up, many of our clients need the technology that only Flash can offer. Very few firms can match our expertise in both Flash and HTML5 technologies.
The Flex Framework is the standard for creating large complex applications on the Flash Platform. It also allows us a single code base that can be used across the browser, desktop and mobile. We guild our clients to the Flex Framework for a majority of the Flash Platform applications we build.

We bring this same passion to our work on the mobile platforms using Adobe AIR for cross-platform development when it makes sense and native Android and iOS when we need something more.

Adobe AIR allows us to build native cross platform applications using ActionScript, Flex and the Flash Platform. This is a great option is you want to use the same code across multiple platforms like mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop (Mac and Windows) and the browser via Flash Player. This is also a great solution for those clients that already have an extensive Actionscript or Flex code library developed that they want to reuse.
Android is the fastest growing platform in the world. We build native Android applications using the Android SDK and Java. We've also built many applications using AIR for Android and nearly all of those applications had some sort of custom native extension written in Java.
iOS is the operating system from Apple behind the iPhone and the iPad. This is a huge market and we've developed multiple applications and AIR native extensions that target this platform.

Flash still has a place.

Back in 1999 the web was young and browsers were terrible. We were stuck innovating on the server using old technology. Then a few of use found Flash and began pushing the limits of what could be done on the client. The web has grown up, and we're taking what was once only possible in Flash and bringing it to the browser.

Developing for the future.

With modern web browsers we can develop incredible solutions using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We work with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, requireJS, Backbone and Dojo. While its more difficult with JavaScript, we believe in clean code that is well organized.

Have a Project in Mind?

While we have many clients that we've worked with for years, we're always looking for new challenges. Tell us about your project and we'll tell you how Patterson Consulting can help.